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What is the difference between a matchmaker, matchmaking agency, matchmaking service and dating service? Which one is right for you?

Here in Los Angeles, many businesses call themselves matchmakers, matchmaking services, matchmaking agencies and dating services. What is the difference between these entities and how do you decide which one is right for you?

Dating services came before the rise of online dating and are still popular today. Some dating services match individuals in a way similar to matchmaking services. Some allow you to create a profile and browse through profiles of possible matches while others will enable you to view videos of potential dates or browse through a gallery with bios. Dating services hold singles events and activities where they are giving their clients the opportunity to mingle and make their introductions. This service is best suited for those who:

1.        Are not into or weren’t successful with online dating, but can’t afford to hire a matchmaker.
2.       Are not sure what type of person they are looking for.
3.       Are not ready for a serious relationship.
4.       Enjoy mingling with other singles, without the pressure of having to spend time with just one person.
5.       Have a limited budget and are not pressed for time.
The price range for this service in Los Angeles ranges from $100 to $2,000 per month.

The terms matchmaker, matchmaking agency, matchmaking service and matchmaker service all refer to companies that match singles the old-fashioned way. They meet the client, assess the client’s personality along with personal life goals and, based on that, match the client with suitable daters. The main difference between these terms is that a matchmaker - may refer to a boutique company of 1-3 employees, while matchmaking service, matchmaker service, and matchmaking agency may be used for a more substantial organization. The downside about working with more significant organizations is that clients may get passed around to underqualified employees. On the upside, a more prominent company may have a larger database of potential matches. However, that is not always the case, and those possible matches have to be filtered by someone who has a distinct idea as to who the ideal match for the client would be.

Another significant difference between these four entities and a dating service is that the former offer an exceptional level of confidentiality and are more suitable for very high profile clients and celebrities.

These four entities don’t necessarily accept any client who is interested. They may choose to pass on the opportunity if the client is too unrealistic or may be difficult to match for other reasons. In contrast, a dating service may not be as discerning.
Some matchmaking services may offer private coaching or image consulting to help a client become more appealing to potential matches. Matchmakers are best suited for those who:

1.       Are ready to settle down.
2.       Are looking to save time and avoid dates with the wrong people.
3.       Require privacy in their search for a significant other.
4.       Have the resources that could be used to find someone specific.
5.       Need an upscale service at a higher price tag.
Matchmakers can also help clients manage their expectations and not set the bar too high or too low for their matches. They can help someone avoid dating the wrong types of people.

The price range for a matchmaker, matchmaker service, matchmaking service, matchmaking agency in Los Angeles usually ranges from $6,000 to $500,000, depending on the length of your contract and scope of your search.